Yoga For Runners

Yoga sequences designed specifically for runners, these workouts target the IT band, hamstrings, knees, ankles and feet, while also strengthening the upper body. It is vital as a runner to keep knee and ankle joints healthy, hamstrings and IT bands lengthened, and the chest, arms and shoulders open and strong. If you log lots of miles, yoga can help tweak your performance and, most importantly, increase your running years.

With a regular yoga practice, the hip flexors become incredibly strong. This combined with lengthened hamstrings and stronger quads, one’s stride and efficiency can increase significantly. Runners will be walked slowly and carefully through various yoga postures, paying particular attention to alignment and breath, and within just a few classes, will have the knowledge and ability to perform a few key poses at home, pre- or post-run, keeping the body in fine tune.

*Now offering runner/athlete classes for $60/class. Cost can be shared, 3 students maximum. Minimum of 4 classes.